It is the day before Christmas at the North Pole. Santa has sent his elves into the Village on last minute errabds,but it is now getting late. The elves need help to return to the North Pole with gifts so that Santa Claus cab deliver them on time. Each player must be sure to get the elves back as soon as possible while collecting the most gifts to load into Santa's Sleigh.

1. Take all the components out of the fabric tote bag except the gift tokens.Leave them in the tote bag untill needed.Select one player to being charge of passing out these gift tokens throughout the game.

2. Unfold the fabric board and lay flat. Make sure to press out any uneveness in the fabric.Set the spinner near the game board.Each player should be given one smallgift sack for collecting gift tokens along with five gift tokens to start.Each player selects a pawn and places it at the village area labeled 'START'.

3. Decide who will paly first-usually the youngest player, or the player that spins the highest number.There are twelve numbers and 4 instructional messages on the spinner card. The first player spins the spinner and advances that amount of spaces shown by the spinner arrow.If the arrow points to one of the four messages, then the player will move as instructed. Each player continues in a clockwise(right to left)direction.While moving along the pathway to the North Pole,each player will encounter four types of spaces:Instructional,Pictured,Location or Blank.

Instructional Spaces-spaces with special instruction to do one of the following:

A. Complete a task and move ahead to a specified space or move ahead through a short-cut .The player must complete each task or they must return to their original position and forfeit their turn.

B. Move backwards to a specified space to complete a task lose a turn, or move through a passage where the player loses their position or a turn.

Pictured Spaces-spaces with pictures of a gingerbread man,giftbox,snowman,reindeer,candy cane,wreath,stocking,sleigh or christmas tree.When a player lands on any of these spaces,they recieve one gift token.

Location Spaces-spaces that are points of reference as follows:General Store,Mailbox,Christmas tree,Lot,Fireplace or Tree Trimming Time.When a player lands on any of these spaces, they recieve two tokens.

Blank Spaces-spaces that are blank and require no task.When player lands on any of these spaces, their turn is complete.


Players: Two,three,four,five or six

Contents: Soft,colorful tote bag, gameboard,six small gift sacks,six pawns,one spinner,and 100 gift tokens.

Objects: To journey along the path of spaces and arrive at the North Ploe with the most gift tokens to load

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